Life after an Accident or Surgery

Getting back into a normal routine after recovering from serious injury takes adjustment. Movements are made cautiously, that area will tense up immediately in certain situations, swelling and pain may persist, and re-injury is a real threat. The fact is, for many people, the injury changes future behavior in many ways.

Some Examples
Some activities will be out of the question for fear of straining that shoulder, or damaging that weakened wrist. One side of the body will be favored to take pressure off the ankle or elbow that is now put together with pins or rods. Watching the ground instead of the scenery while walking to avoid another knee injury, or thinking twice before gardening to prevent back pain, are also some effects injuries have on people.

What to Do?
The behaviors stem from an accident or surgery, but are actually more about strength, stability, fear, and confidence. Before leaving that final physical therapy session or the discharge appointment with the surgeon, ask about…